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Styling Products for Fine Hair – Shop Hair Care and Styling

GlamourWeave™ Styling Products for Fine Hair & Hair Extensions – Your Hair Must-Haves

Hair care products are vital to gorgeous-looking hair, and without them there would not be so many fabulous tresses around. Whether you are trying to preserve the life of your hair extensions and wigs, or simply want to treat your natural hair to nourishing, high quality products, our GlamourWeave™ hair products are just what you need!

The sulphate and paraben-free hair products we created are deeply moisturizing, restoring hair vitality and helping your color last longer. The key ingredient in our hair products for hair extensions is pure Moroccan Argan Oil, also known as the liquid gold for its precious vitamins and nutrients.

Our shampoo cleanses hair without drying it out, makes it manageable, easy to style and ultra-glossy, while our conditioner hydrates dry, damaged hair without weighing it down, and restores hair’s vitality. The GlamourWeave™ Argan Oil Serum is the Holy Grail of hair products, as it makes hair stronger, glossier, smoother and healthier. It does not leave hair greasy because your mane absorbs it like a dry sponge. Perfect to prevent and repair split ends and great for effortless styling, this serum has a gorgeous smell that will make your hair irresistible.

Try also the Deep Moisturizing Cream with Argan Oil that nourishes hair in the most incredible way and helps preserve your hair color longer.

Other hair products we offer for hair extensions are a special hair brush and foam bendy rollers that will help you style your extensions in the gentlest way possible, without pulling or damaging them. Our paddle brush is made with anti-static nylon bristles with coated ball tips, providing extra care and comfort. It will help you gently detangle any knots without snagging your tresses. The GlamourWeave™ bendy rollers are perfect for creating sexy curls without the need of hot styling tools that may damage your natural hair and extensions.

GlamourWeave™ styling products for hair extensions are formulated with the modern woman in mind, caring for her natural hair and hair extensions needs. Try our whole range of hair products for glowing hair and you will not want to use anything else once you see the results.

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