Silk Closures Vs. Lace Closures: What Works Best for You?



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A woman who wears weaves will never want you to know that. Achieving a natural appearance with faux strands may be quite a challenge if they are not installed properly. The tricky part is blending the natural hair with the extensions, but thanks to closures – the hair units made to cover the front of the head mimicking real scalp – this is possible.

When it comes to closures, there are two choices of bases – silk and lace. They can be either taped, glued or sewn, and are pretty different even if they serve the same purpose: make the hairline look natural, protect hair from the damages of excessive styling, and prevent build-up and sun damage.

Lace closures have hair strands embedded into the small holes of the lace foundation. This type of closure is more affordable, but needs to be a little tweaked due to the visible knots in the lace, so you will probably have to bleach it or use concealer on the lace to make the grid-like effect disappear.

On the other hand, silk closures are a bit pricier, but will last longer and won’t require bleaching (they mimic the scalp really well and the knots are not so visible). These closures do not require much maintenance and offer the impression of a natural-looking hairline.

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