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Human Hair Lace Wigs – the Alternative to Instant Impeccable Hair

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with polished, long and luscious hair. However, flaunting a picture-perfect mane at all times means women need to spend lots of money on hair salon appointments and there is also a good chance they will eventually damage their natural hair because of too much styling. Human hair wigs offer everyone a safe alternative to hair styling. Wigs come with many benefits, some of which being that hair and scalp are not damaged in any way by the pulling and combing performed when creating weaves and braids, you can change hairstyles as often as you like, experiment with multiple and very different hairdos, protect your natural hair, etc. GlamourWeave™ offers both full lace wigs and human hair lace front wigs depending on what you feel more comfortable using and your own preference. All are made with natural hair, are extremely versatile, and can last for a long time if taken care of properly.

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs feature a cap and a layer of thin lace sewn on top of the cap. Normally, the unit is surrounded with lace that should be cut before wearing them. Baby hairs are sewn in a natural way into the thin lace. At first a hairline needs to be cut around your entire head so you can wear your full lace wig in the style you like, whether in a ponytail, with a free parting or in an updo.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Human hair lace front wigs will make you look fabulous almost instantly, once they are applied. They have a very natural appearance and are extremely popular. Make sure you apply them to the base of your hair line for a natural look. Our beautiful lace front wigs feature a few inches of front hand-knotted lace that creates a seamless hairline allowing you to create deeper partings, and giving you several styling options. If applied properly, no one will detect your gorgeous human hair lace wig. They are a great option at all times, whether you are suffering from medical hair loss, dealing with thinning hair or just wanting to try a new hairstyle.

Our GlamourWeave™ 100% human hair lace wigs are made with the highest quality human remy hair on the market for a flawless, tangle-free feel and feature a lace front construction for an incredibly natural looking hairline.

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