Malaysian Hair Extensions

Exotic Malaysian Hair Extensions for Irresistible Looks

A woman is defined beautiful thanks to her magnetic eyes, full lips, fine nose, or luscious locks. If you don’t happen to possess the last feature, worry not, because with our virgin Malaysian hair extensions you can have the hair of your dreams in no time. No wonder Malaysian curly hair extensions are soaring in popularity – they are thick and shiny, without looking oily, have a full body and a healthy, natural look, being a true hit among celebrities worldwide. The texture is smooth, and there is no risk of the curls to loosen or drop with time, as they beautifully maintain their shape without the need of too many additional hair products.

Having strong Asian traits, our Malaysian hair extensions have not been processed or treated in any way, and were obtained from single donors, which makes your purchase really valuable and long lasting. Great for any style, virgin Malaysian hair extensions are versatile and come in different textures, such as straight, wavy and curly. Boasting natural dark shades (lighter colors are less common) they are perfect for dark-haired ladies, but can also work on lighter hair shades if colored. Malaysian hair extensions blend really well with African-American natural hair, and do not tend to frizz too much in a humid atmosphere.

Our Malaysian curly hair extensions come in different lengths, varying from 12” to 30”, and are a pleasure to wear. Whether you opt for easy to use clip-ins or bundles for braiding or weaving, our glorious virgin Malaysian hair extensions represent one of the most sought after variety on the market.

This type of hair is less common than Indian Hair Extensions or Brazilian Hair Extensions, and its popularity is constantly growing, which gives it a well-deserved place in the top of the best virgin hair types in the world. Count on GlamourWeave™ for Malaysian hair extensions wholesale at great prices! We are confident that you will fall in love with the high quality of our products and come back for more.

Looking glamorous has never been easier! Try our Malaysian curly hair extensions for amazing looks and hairstyles to die for!

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