Can human hair extensions be trimmed or cut?

Yes. Natural human hair can be styled to your liking. Extensions need the same attention as your own hair, but they can be trimmed and cut to suit your face shape and give you the style that most flatters you. When using different lengths you will get a layered, natural-looking style that doesn’t necessarily require chopping.

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Exactly how much hair should I order?

The right amount of hair depends on the style you want to achieve. For a full head weave we recommend a minimum of 2-3 (8-12oz) bundles of hair. However, for a fuller style you will need more than this. For extra length and fullness we recommend 4 bundles (16oz). For a natural look and beautiful layering we advise you to get different lengths. If you are dealing with hair longer than 22 inches, purchase anything from 12oz to 16oz because the width of longer hair is not as wide.

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Is there any difference between virgin hair types?

Yes, although subtle at first sight. Differences become more obvious once hair comes into contact with heat, water or air drying. While virgin hair boasts natural movement, is tangle-free and never sheds, chemically treated and non-virgin hair doesn’t have all these qualities.

Our hair is available in different textures, from wavy and curly to straight. Since it has never been processed, you may find that the color is not always even throughout the weft and there might be lighter or darker patches in the same weft, mainly due to sun exposure if the hair was sourced in a sunny country.

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Since you stock so many types of virgin hair, how do I know which one is best for me?

Here is a little description for each type of hair we offer that will make your choice a little easier:

  • The most versatile of all types is Indian hair. It dries into a gorgeous wave, comes in various textures from slightly wavy to very wavy, and can be easily straightened or curled.
  • With a thicker and slightly shinier texture than Indian hair, Brazilian hair holds curls beautifully for a long time. When straightened, it tends to curl at the end which gives it great bounce and movement.
  • Malaysian hair is softer than Indian hair and keeps curls for a long time.
  • Peruvian hair has a thicker and coarser texture than Indian or Brazilian hair. It is the perfect option if you want to blend it with relaxed hair.
  • For straight hair lovers, Mongolian hair is a great choice. Over 80% of Mongolians have straight hair, so if you want authentic Mongolian hair you should check it is straight with a slight body – a different texture means hair has been treated.
  • Similar to the Mongolian type, Cambodian virgin hair is also normally straight, and keeps its texture even when wet. Another fantastic option for ladies who want to cannel straight hair.
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What is the best way to maintain virgin hair extensions?

Remember to care about your 100% virgin human hair extensions as if they were your own hair. You should wash and condition them on a regular basis, trying to air dry them most of the time (if you are in a rush use the blow dryer, preferably on a lower setting).

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