Expert Tip: The Best Way to Dry Your Hair Extensions



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You never fail to impress with your luscious human hair extensions. But there is one mistake you make from time to time that might compromise their good looks in the long run: going to bed with wet hair.

We know how it feels after a long day at work when you feel too lazy to even pick up the remote to watch your favorite show. All you want to do is soak in the tub then crawl into bed.

If you are wearing semi-permanent hair extensions, you have to brace yourself and blow-dry your hair (at least not completely) for the sake of your Rapunzel locks. Bonds, tape and beads don’t like to stay wet for too long, so before you cozy up in bed blow dry just the roots letting the ends air dry. When water gets between your natural hair and the hair extensions the tape starts turning from clear to white and over time there may even be a little mold if you never dry well enough.

When you have more time, blow dry your roots with a hot setting (choose a medium one, not the hottest) using the cool setting for the ends. Never keep the blow-dryer in one spot for too long because too much heat will lead to slippage.

Pro tip: wash your hair (and extensions) max twice a week. It will help them look gorgeous for longer.

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