Ditch Your Hat for a Wig this Winter



Photo Source: Pinterest

Be it rain, wind or blizzard you are trying to shield your pretty tresses from, make it a wig this winter, instead of the classic (and a tad boring) woolly hat.

You don’t necessarily need to hide hair loss under a wig. Your hair can be perfectly gorgeous, but a wig will allow you to enjoy styles and lengths you could only achieve with a chop or… after years of waiting. On the other hand, you might be tired of your long locks for a day (the envy!) and wanting to try out a bob. A great wig will offer great insulation in winter, protecting your hair from the harsh cold, at the same time.

Your wig should look natural and flawless at all times, so make sure you:

  • Gather ALL your hair under the wig cap and pin your cap for maximum safety as well
  • Style your wig so it doesn’t just sit there, but it looks polished and neat
  • Balance your wig with the right makeup and accessories (if you go for a va-va-voom piece, keep the rest to a minimum)

Get in touch with us here at GlamourWeave™ for a custom-made wig in your preferred color, length and texture and let your hair piece be the focal point this winter!

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