Curly Virgin Indian Hair

Curly Virgin Indian Hair Extensions – A Fantastic Choice for Hair Lovers

Curly Virgin Indian Hair: Here at GlamourWeave™ we know many women love curly hair. Curls are romantic, ultra-feminine, and are truly seductive when they look polished and feel soft. Our curly Indian hair is extremely popular among our clients, having a texture that is silkier and smoother than that of many other hair types. Even if it has a pre-defined pattern, our curly Indian virgin hair can also be worn in a sleek straight style, but will bounce back to its original curly texture once you make it wet. All the bundles have intact cuticles and a natural taper at the tips.

Since curly virgin Indian hair has become one of the most wanted hair types for women of every age, hairstylists are also demanding it for their clients. The high quality of curly Indian hair is unsurpassed and 100% reliable, blending in really well with natural hair. Never processed, our curly virgin Indian hair extensions can be colored and styled (curled, straightened, permed, etc). There is no risk for it to become matt or to shed and, if well taken care of, it can last for a very long time. Curly Indian hair comes in its natural color (normally ranging from dark brown to black) and in different lengths (we offer anything from 12″ to 30″), and can be worn in one length only or multiple layers for extra volume.

Our GlamourWeave™ selection of curly virgin Indian hair consists of hand-picked wefts of genuine, 100% Indian remy hair that are ideal for weaving and bulk braiding, and also virgin pre-bonded I-tips for fusion. Not only does GlamourWeave™ offer you the highest quality curly virgin Indian hair, but we also have the perfect hair care products to use with it. Human hair extensions need the same maintenance as your real hair, so make sure you offer them the best treatment with carefully selected products. Choose our curly virgin Indian hair to give your look a new twist. Whether you want to wear it in daytime, at work, or when you are out shopping, or you want to look glamorous in the evening, on a date, for a party or a night out with your best friends, the GlamourWeave™ curly Indian hair will look fabulous and will make sure you have all eyes on you.

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