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Are You a Hair Extension Newbie? Here Is What You Should Know!

Photo Credits: You probably envision your inner vixen with longer, thicker locks than you were blessed with. Well, most of us do! This..

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Top 5 Human Hair Extensions Myths Debunked

Photo Credits: Beauty universe is full of misconceptions and myths that sometimes just make our beauty routines, not t..

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5 Tips on Preventing Hair Extensions from Matting and Tangling

Photo Source: Here at GlamourWeave™ we love to help women look flawless and fabulous. Whenever you want to achieve a stunning loo..

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The Advantages of Wearing Virgin Hair Extensions

Photo Source: Luscious locks have been women’s best friends since time immemorial and, in case your mane is thinner or shorter than ..

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Get No-Heat Sexy Curls with GlamourWeave™ Bendy Rollers

To us, curls have the same striking effect as a red pout. They are sassy, flirty, and give every woman that instant je ne sais quoi that attracts look..

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Discover the Right Brush for Your Hair Extensions at GlamourWeave™

If you were expecting your virgin hair extensions to look fabulous without any help, we need to have a little chat. Gorgeous hair extensions are mainl..

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GlamourWeave Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Serum – the Secret to Show-Stopping Hair

  Dealing with over-processed, dry, damaged and frizzy hair, ladies? Well, we thought it was time you said good-bye to all this, so we created fo..

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GlamourWeave Hair Care Line – Bliss for Human Hair Extensions and Natural Hair

Here at GlamourWeave we believe virgin hair extensions are a woman’s sexiest beauty accessory, and we swear by it for instant confidence oomph. And,..

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Three Fall Fashion Trends GlamourWeave Loves

We know that our glamouristas might not be ready for summer to end, but fear not! Fall is full of fun and funky fashion trends that will make the tran..

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GlamourWeave’s Guide to Pool Side Beauty

Do you love to sit by the pool in the summer? Are you always worried about how your make-up will look after a dip in the pool? GlamourWeave is here to..

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