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Human Hair Extensions Can Make You Look and Feel Fabulous and Your Hair Wish is Our Command

In case you were wondering where to find hair extensions and human hair weaves that are sourced from reliable suppliers all over the world and are 100% virgin human hair, look no further than GlamourWeave™. We provide amazing best human hair extensions for short hair at great prices to customers all over the world and we are proud of our products. Read More

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3 Times Gigi Hadid Looked Fab with Faux Tresses

IT girl of the moment, super-model Gigi Hadid needs no introduction. She is famous for her blonde locks, gorgeous lips and rockstar boyfriends, but al..

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Bang on Time: Spring’s Hottest Trend to Channel Right Now

Some women welcome spring with a new wardrobe. Others with a brand new love. If you want to spend less, or you have already found the One, you can sti..

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Silk Closures Vs. Lace Closures: What Works Best for You?

Photo source: A woman who wears weaves will never want you to know that. Achieving a natural appearance with faux strands may be ..

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How to Prevent Naturally Curly Hair from Tangling at Night

This is not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. You need to create your own little evening ritual (it will only take a couple of minutes) to help..

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Expert Tip: The Best Way to Dry Your Hair Extensions

Photo Source: You never fail to impress with your luscious human hair extensions. But there is one mistake you make from time t..

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New Hair, New You – It’s GlamourWeave™ Time

Photo source: Now that the festive season is over, it’s time to step into the New Year with confidence, stick to those resolu..

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How to Channel Your Inner Bond Girl with Hair Extensions

Thinking about how to wow with a glam hairstyle at the New Year’s party? Why, channel your inner Bond girl and you are sure to impress. Even if the ..

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Ditch Your Hat for a Wig this Winter

Photo Source: Pinterest Be it rain, wind or blizzard you are trying to shield your pretty tresses from, make it a wig this winter, instead of the clas..

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3 Hair Accessories You Need This Winter (Apart from Your Gorgeous Extensions)

We have been looking lately into the mega trend for this winter – hair accessories – and we picked three favorites that will jazz up even the simp..

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Beauty Kit Must-Haves for Traveling with Permanent Hair Extensions

Photo Source: Traveling with permanent hair extensions should not give you the chills at the thought you will be away from your trusted..

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