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How to Safely Flat Iron Your Hair Extensions

Photo Credit: News flash: when not used properly, your flat iron can be a rather damaging tool. If you got singed hair instead of..

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Photo Credits: We will never get tired of telling you to ONLY use sulphate-free hair care products (especially if you are wearing human hai..

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How to Make Human Hair Extensions Blend with Your Own Hair

  Photo Credits: Have you ever seen a disastrous hair extension job? We are pretty sure you have, and more than once. When ..

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The 3 Biggest Hair Crimes You are Committing on a Daily Basis

  Photo Credits: Girls, in case you are wearing human hair extensions, there are 3 things you must avoid doing at all cost, lest ..

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3 Great Tips on How to Exercise with Human Hair Extensions (and Not Look a Hot Mess)

  Photo Credits: If you are an active girl who loves her daily workouts, kudos to you! However, getting all hot and sweaty does not ..

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Beauty Bag Must-Haves for Glam Locks Lovers

Photo Credits: If you are a sucker for gorgeous tresses you must also take good care of your hair. And that’s a given. For every girl w..

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Celebrity Hair Trend: Straight Locks and Heavy Bangs

There has been an eternal fascination with poker-straight hair and heavy bangs. This sexy hair trend has been here for as long as we can remember and ..

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GlamourWeave™ Extensions for Perfect First Date Hairstyles

Photo Credits: Figuring out how to look on a first date can be nerve-wrecking. The main thing is matching the formality of the event (..

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7 GlamourWeave™ Tips on How to Maintain Your Wig

Photo Credits: How to Maintain Human Hair Lace Wigs Wigs are a little bit like jewelry. They give you that extra sparkle and m..

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Change Your Look Instantly with a Show-Stopping Wig

A wig can really be a game changer if worn with confidence. Celebrities love sporting wigs because they offer them a change of look in no time with ze..

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