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Celebrity Hair Trend: Straight Locks and Heavy Bangs

There has been an eternal fascination with poker-straight hair and heavy bangs. This sexy hair trend has been here for as long as we can remember and ..

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GlamourWeave™ Extensions for Perfect First Date Hairstyles

Photo Credits: Figuring out how to look on a first date can be nerve-wrecking. The main thing is matching the formality of the event (..

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7 GlamourWeave™ Tips on How to Maintain Your Wig

Photo Credits: How to Maintain Human Hair Lace Wigs Wigs are a little bit like jewelry. They give you that extra sparkle and m..

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Change Your Look Instantly with a Show-Stopping Wig

A wig can really be a game changer if worn with confidence. Celebrities love sporting wigs because they offer them a change of look in no time with ze..

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Secrets to Fabulous Hair from Victoria’s Secret Models

Photo Credits: Pinterest Have you ever envied the leggy Victoria’s Secret models for their spectacular hair? We did, too! Well, believe it or not, n..

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3 Hot Hair Trends for Fall 2014 to Achieve with Hair Extensions

Want to keep up with the hair trends du moment? We know you love to look sexy and chic, so here are 3 of the hottest hair trends you (and us, of cours..

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Pre-Bonded Fusion Extensions – What are the Things to Avoid?

Photo Credits: If you don’t want to waste time clipping hair extensions in an out, you have a great permanent option for can’t-li..

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Are You a Hair Extension Newbie? Here Is What You Should Know!

Photo Credits: You probably envision your inner vixen with longer, thicker locks than you were blessed with. Well, most of us do! This..

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Top 5 Human Hair Extensions Myths Debunked

Photo Credits: Beauty universe is full of misconceptions and myths that sometimes just make our beauty routines, not t..

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5 Tips on Preventing Hair Extensions from Matting and Tangling

Photo Source: Here at GlamourWeave™ we love to help women look flawless and fabulous. Whenever you want to achieve a stunning loo..

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